David Espinosa

Coffee 200 years: is a coffee brand created to please discerning palates and connoisseurs of a real cup of coffee, the work consisted in redesigning the brand and its former name “Euphonia”, the client was looking for a name much easier pronunciocion and greater Remembrance, by which decided to take the name of “200 years”, and based on a particle Euphonia bird bird of Colombia was created, the idea was to get a very clean and clear symbol that showed how special this particular organic coffee, below be able to observe the designs, photographs and developed parts.

200_1.jpg 200_2.jpg 200_3.jpg 200_4.jpg 200_5.jpg 200_6.jpg 200_7.jpg 200_8.jpg 200_9.jpg 200_10.jpg 200_11.jpg 200_12.jpg 200_13.jpg 200_17.jpg 200_18.jpg 200_20.jpg 200_21.jpg 200_23.jpg 200_25.jpg 200_29.jpg 200_30.jpg 200_31.jpg 200_35.jpg 200_37.jpg 200_38.jpg 200_40.jpg 200_41.jpg 200_43.jpg 200_46.jpg 200_47.jpg