David Espinosa

The Colombian company Agroinnova Colombia developed a chocolaty beverage not characterized by being sweetened with sugar if using traditional panela spray that is extracted from sugar cane thus allowing the best health benefits in addition to this is a mixture powder enriched with vitamins and mineral, customer request was to create a typeface that stressed the word panela and components like milk and chocolate, was due also create a character with traits from another planet, so the story of a being from another planet wont “Chocoplaneta” which as we need the liquid “chocopanela” to breathe and live as we need oxygen, was to be an attractive character to children and parents infuse tailored to satisfy a lot of vitality and joy, on the other hand is also needed to create the bag packing for powder mixture.

chocopanela1.jpg chocopanela2.jpg chocopanela3.jpg chocopanela4.jpg chocopanela5.jpg chocopanela6.jpg chocopanela7.jpg chocopanela8.jpg chocopanela9.jpg chocopanela10.jpg chocopanela11.jpg chocopanela12.jpg chocopanela13.jpg chocopanela14.jpg