David Espinosa

Dorigenn Coffee This project like most required a lot of research and analysis on everything in creation of the symbol, in early 2010 the company gave the green Colombian DORIGENN for visual presentation of the proposals of the brand, there were several proposals to maintain the concept 3 month and the company chose the macaw, the project took about two months and then presents it to you home after a year and 9 months after leaving the market.

dor_01.jpg dor_02.jpg dor_03.jpg dor_04.jpg dor_05.jpg dor_06.jpg dor_09.jpg tarjetas1.jpg t2_.jpg 511.jpg papeleria.jpg 001.jpg 001_aa.jpg 001_abb.jpg t23_0009.jpg 001_abccc.jpg 001_abdddd.jpg bolsa-papel.jpg