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Lucia Margarita Logo and Identity

Horse Coaching

Lucia Margarita is a company dedicated to Enable on people and organizations the ability to create the reality you want, promoting successful transformations through cutting-edge methodologies that generate high-impact experiences, permanent and long-term results.

Our shaft are high-impact experiences guided by horses which allow participants to a direct and deep contact and immediate feedback without trial by these beings about the issues of the meeting or consultation, and thus facilitate :
• Diagnose and develop managerial skills and life.
• solve personal situations, team or organization, which evaluated according to the effect and impact they have within the system, to find solutions that meet the root cause of them.
• Promote processes of human and organizational development being carried on a business, providing new insights, resources and empowerment to participants.

In organizations generally we work with teams of first and second line of the organization, which often seek to integrate members of a team, align the aims of the organization, improve communication, teamwork, leadership, negotiation, way of resolving conflicts and making decisions.


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