David Espinosa

Seminarios Andinos specializes in training services company, event logistics and publications, the design studio was tasked with redesigning the image as the previously showed not meet the essential characteristics of the company, a geometric symbol was developed with the colors of the flag of Colombia formed by triangles representing the mountains of the Andes elbow pads. With a symbol textures that captivate the viewer by their high visual impact is created.

seminarios-01.jpg seminarios-02.jpg seminarios-03.jpg seminarios-04.jpg seminarios-05.jpg seminarios-06.jpg seminarios-07.jpg seminarios-08.jpg seminarios-10.jpg seminarios-11.jpg seminarios-12.jpg seminarios-12a.jpg seminarios-14.jpg seminarios-15.jpg seminarios-16.jpg seminarios-17.jpg seminarios-18.jpg seminarios-19.jpg seminarios-25.jpg seminarios-26.jpg seminarios-27.jpg seminarios-28.jpg seminarios-29.jpg seminarios-30.jpg seminarios-31.jpg seminarios-37.jpg seminarios-38.jpg seminarios-39.jpg seminarios-40.jpg seminarios-41.jpg seminarios-42.jpg