David Espinosa

TEDCOND  is a company dedicated to providing services and products for companies and households efficient innovative technologies, our work consisted in suggesting a new name for the company Airsan as this remained very short in terms of promises of the brand, also developed the graphic mark with its system of identity which were defined by a simple palette of black, light green and gray, with a texture and typography to reflect the new change and new direction of innovation services and products.

loguirris.jpg tedcon01.jpg tedcon03.jpg tedcon04.jpg tedcon05.jpg tipo-01.jpg tedcon06.jpg tedcon07.jpg tedcon08.jpg tedcon09.jpg tedcon010.jpg tedcon011.jpg tedcon012.jpg tedcon013.jpg tedcon014.jpg tedcon015.jpg tedcon016.jpg tedcon017.jpg tedcon018.jpg tedcon019.jpg tedcon020.jpg tedcon021.jpg